My top 10 Disney films

Disney is and always has been one of my favourite media companies. Ever since I was a little girl I have been able to sit for hours on end watching the films and get caught up in the magic. I’m pretty sure I have Disney star dust in my veins. The amount of duvet covers, disney toys and films I have owned (and still own) is quite the number.

I have actually had the privilege of visiting Disneyland Paris twice and would absolutely love to go again. Just the experience of walking around the park meeting all the characters who filled my childhood is just amazing. I don’t care if people think Disney is only for children. I will never believe that. Disney will always be something I love until I am a very old lady rocking my chair. In honour of this, I have listed below my top 10 Disney films.

  1. Beauty & the Beast

This film is a big favourite of mine mainly because of the meaning of the story. It’s about seeing and falling in love with someone for who they are, not what they look like. Belle is a beautiful princess who is surrounded by unfamiliar surroundings but it is made easier but the household items who quickly become her friends and support her as best they can. My favourites are Chip and Mrs Pots!

2. Aristocats

I believe it was this film which my love for cats came from. I feel a big part of the film is surrounded by trust too as Duchess has to essentially put her faith into Thomas O’Malley and trust him to take care of her and her family which includes Marie, Berlioz, and Toulousse. He shows her how the streets work and they meet some of his friends. There are some hurdles along the way but all ends well in the end.

3. Cinderella

I remember as a little girl watching this film and pretending I was a princess who was locked in a tower and had friends who were animals around me. I love the story because to me, it shows no matter how bad things get, there are always going to be people there to help you through it.

4. The Little Mermaid

I love this film, again because of the characters in it and always having your friends around you but also because of the songs and music in it. I love the fact Ariel knows what she wants and is headstrong. I remember trying to act like a mermaid when I was little too. Now the shops have started selling mermaid blankets maybe this can come true! 🙂 Under the sea is my favourite song from the film!

5. The Lion King

“Oh I just can’t wait to be King!”

This is a huge favourite of mine! It shows how much you learn when you are growing up and who to trust and who not to trust. The songs and music in it are very uplifting and just brilliant fun! I would absolutely love to go and see this in the theatre! My favourite character in the film has to be Timon. Not just the fact that I love Meerkats but he is just hilarious and always manages to put a smile on my face 🙂

6. Peter Pan

This is where my love for Fairies came from! I remember having quite a few toy ones when I was little and would always pretend I was Peter Pan with Tinkerbell. I think it was this film which my wish to be able to fly came from as well. The thought of never growing up and being able to fly is my idea of a perfect world!

7. Jungle Book

I love that as I am writing this, “I wanna be like you” song from the film has just come on my spotify! This film is one I remember watching over and over again. I’m pretty sure my nan had to bribe me out of the house at one point because I would just be glued to the TV singing along with Baloo and Bagheera. Who wouldn’t want a big cuddly bear at their best friend?! I know I did!

8. Aladdin

This film wasn’t actually always one of my favourites. I watched it when I was younger but I have found myself watching it a lot more as I got older. I think it was because I couldn’t grasp the reason that Aladdin had to turn into a prince to marry princess Jasmine. Why couldn’t he just marry her how he was? However, as I got older, I finally understood the reason and it made a lot more sense and it was a much more enjoyable film. My favourite songs has to be A Whole New World.

9. Frozen

I was actually very late on the bandwagon with this film. Everyone was raving about it, including my little cousin Leah and was quite shocked I think even at 3 years old that I hadn’t see it. So Leah’s mum Anisa decided it was about time to sit down with Leah, her and Finn Leah’s little brother and watch it. OH MY GOD. Why hadn’t I seen this film sooner? Olaf himself just makes the film! He very quickly became one of my all time favourite disney characters. The whole film throughout makes me laugh and one of my favourite quotes has to go to Olaf “Some people are worth melting for”. Ahh love it!!

10. Tarzan

Another one I was late on the bandwagon on. I mean very late. Like I have only just watched this film in the last 6 months. I have no idea how it got missed off the list when I was younger but Ben made me watch it and I fell in love with it! I also love monkeys so what was not to love?! It also made me absolutely ball my eyes out towards the end to which I tried to hide from Ben but the damp patch surrounding my face on my pillow gave it away. The songs in the film as well are just fab! Phil Collins did a brilliant job!

What are your favourite Disney films? Please also let me know if you have been to see any of them in Theatre and what you thought! 🙂


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