Primark haul

So today I had a day off to extend my birthday weekend and to spend the day with my nan. We decided to go into Crawley to do a bit of shopping and of course I ended up in Primark! I can’t resist a bargain! Here’s what I picked up:

  1. Make-up bag

So yes I am fully aware that I have like 5 make-up bags but discovered this weekend that my current one I am using to take my bits over to my boyfriend’s at the weekend is stretching at the zip seams so I thought I would pick this one up. It’s a lot bigger and I really liked the Pattern on it.

How much? £5


2. Jewellery

I am only just recently getting into wearing going out jewellery when I go out as I only usually wear my everyday jewellery which is two rings, two bangles, my pandora bracelet and a silver necklace with a heart on it. I saw these and really like the look of them. They also come in different sizes and normally when I shop for jewellery like this, it’s far too big because my fingers are so slim.

How much? £2.50


3. Raspberry and Vanilla candle

When I first picked this up I didn’t think I would like it at all as I’m not a fan of vanilla scents in candles but this one smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I would say it smells more fruity than vanilla and I also love the casing too.

How much? £1


4. LED Fairy lights

I have wanted some fairy lights for my bedroom for AGEEESSSS! Every time I see some I always find a reason not to buy them but these were very reasonably priced so I thought I would get them. They require 3xAA batteries which aren’t included but look really nice draped over my headboard. Once I can get a decent photo of them in action I will post on my Instagram.

How much? £2.50

5. Travel containers

Bit of a boring one but I only have 2 of these at the moment and with me planning to go to Portugal and a city break for a couple of nights with Ben this year I thought these would be perfect as we will probably only be taking hand luggage. They come with stickers too so you can label each container with what you have put in it.

How much? £2


6. False eyelashes

I have only just recently started wearing false eyelashes. I have had a really nice couple of pairs but I seem to be ruining them somehow when I take them off so I thought I would give these a go. For only £1 you can’t go wrong! (Unless they don’t work!)

How much? £1


7. Cami top

I always head to Primark for cami tops for the summer. I find them really durable and just perfect for the hotters days (when our summer actually decides to make an appearance!) I thought this one was really pretty and stood out amongst the others they currently have on sale.

How much? £4


8. Leather bag

Obviously not real leather, however it is a really nice bag for going out with! I often use clutch bags when I go out for drinks or clubbing but I love how lightweight this one is and has a lot of pockets to keep all my stuff in.

How much? £5


9. Minnie & Micky Bag

This was one of those products you see along the rail whilst you are queueing to pay. I saw another girl looking at them and I hesitated slightly when I picked it up but thought it’s disney and super cute so why not?!

How much? £5




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