Review of the Fitbit Alta

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t posted for a few weeks. Life has just seemed to take over at the moment with work, seeing friends and family and planning bits and bobs for when we jet off to Portugal next week.

Anyway I thought I would do a little review post on the Fitbit Alta. I orginally had bought the Fitbit Flex sometime last year which was the cheapest I could find in this brand just as a little test to see if I would actually use it and be worth upgrading in the future. For the first few weeks I was glued to it and then for some reason I didn’t use it at all. I then popped it back on my wrist one day and was addicted again so I decided to upgrade to the Alta. The main reason for this was because I used to always wear a watch and I always wear something like that on my left wrist so I couldn’t wear a watch and a fitbit.

I had a look at the Alta because I wasn’t really fussed about monitoring my heart rate or how many floors I’ve climbed. I just mainly oncerntrate on my steps and the distance I have walked. I popped into Argos and picked up the plum coloured one for just under £80 and instantly fell in love with it.

Features are:

  • Monitors steps taken
  • Monitors calories burnt
  • Monitors distance travelled
  • Monitors your sleep pattern
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Silent alarms

The main features I like about it is the display. It’s clear, simple and you can choose how you wanted it formatted. Unlike the flex, you can see exactly how many steps you have done without having to open the app on your phone. I have opted for for the digital watch face as the main screen which also shows the date and day on it. All you need to do to view our stats it tap the screen and keep tapping to show the steps, distance, how many calories you’e burnt etc…

Another feature I really like about it is it gives you smartphone notifcations. Now, if you are like me and constantly have your phone on silent and in your handbag when you are out and about, this is super handy. Gone are the days of people calling me and me not answering the phone. Ever.  Now, I just feel my wrist buzzing and I know it’s ringing. In addition to his, it will also display who is calling or who has text and display part of the text message for you to see. It doesn’t give you whatsapp notifications or any other app like messenger but just as well really if you are in a group chat – that can get quite annoying with your wrist constantly buzzing. You are also able to switch off this feature too.

As well as smartphone notifications, the Alta also notifies you when you have reached your step goal in a day which is actually quite rewarding. In addition to this, there is also an alarm feature on it too which you can set on your smartphone. This means it will vibrate to wake you up but is silent which is very handy if you have to get up at a different time to your partner and don’t want to wake them up with your alarm.

The charging feature is a lot easier to use than the Fitbit Flex too. With the Alta, you don’t need to remove anything from the device to charge it. You just attach the charger onto the port on the underneath of the strap and it only takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge.

I would say the only downside about the Alta is the wrist strap. It is adjustable but not exactly like a watch strap. You have to snap the strap connectors into the holes because this is what holds it in place. This can be quite tough when is is new because the holes need time to stretch slightly. Whereas with a watch strap the metal bit goes into the hole and then you tuck the strap under a smaller band. However, having said this you can order the watch strap style ones in different colours for about £7.99 on Amazon or Ebay which is what I have done.

Another downside but doesn’t particularly bother me, is tht the device is not waterproof so you don’t want to be going swimming with it or jumping in the shower or bath with it still on.

So if you are looking to get a fitbit which is digial and gives you smartphone notifications but you don’t want to spend as much as the Fitbit Charge and don’t want a fitness tracker which is too bulky then I would definitely recommend the Alta.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,


**All opinions are my own. I have not been asked by Fitbit or any other company to do a review on this product**



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