40 Facts about me

  1. I LOVE olives
  2. My favourite disney film is Beauty and the beast
  3. I have size 6 feet
  4. I have a foundation degree
  5. My favourite roast is chicken
  6. I hate the word “moist” Just typing it makes my stomach turn
  7. I’m not a game of thrones fan
  8. My favourite alcohlolic drink is prosecco
  9. I am half Portuguese
  10. I can’t speak Portuguese
  11. I love being by the beach – especially Southsea
  12. I talk too much
  13. I am a chocoholic.
  14. I have a cat but prefer dogs
  15. Annoyingly, I am allergic to body shop products
  16. My favourite takeaway is chinese
  17. I absolutely hate take off in a plane
  18. I am an only child
  19. My woman crush is Gal Gadot
  20. I’m not a football fan
  21. Favourite female singer – has to be Jessie J
  22. I love to walk
  23. My favourite season is Autumn
  24. I have a double jointed thumb
  25. I am a massive believer of “everything happens for a reason”
  26. I have 3, technicaly 4 tattoos (1 is a cover up)
  27. I have my tongue pierced
  28. I am petrified of thunder
  29. My guilty pleasure is trashy reality TV e.g. TOWIE
  30. I still have a huge collection of TY beanie babies
  31. I love going camping
  32. My favourite holiday abroad? Has to be New York
  33. My current favourite perfume is Prada Candy
  34. I can’t sing to save my life
  35. I have an addiction to clothes shopping
  36. I am a massive wimp when it comes to pain
  37. I live with my nan
  38. I reeeeally want to get into reading
  39. I despise running
  40. I have been blogging for almost a year!

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