My top 5 drug store skincare products

  1. Garnier Micellar cleansing water

I absolutely love this stuff! It takes my make up off really well with a cotton pad and really soothes my skin. The only thing I would say is even though it says it removes eye make-up – it does but it has recently started to sting my eyes slightly. I don’t know whether that is me rubbing my eyes too much maybe but that’s the only small negative thing I can think of.

2. Nivea moisturisers

Now I have always and probably always will suffer with dry skin. It sucks but i’d rather that than oily skin to be fair so I shouldn’t complain. It’s not to the point where I flake everywhere but I do always have to use a moisteriser whether it be on my face, or on my body with creams or body butters. The ones for my face I have found have always worked the best are the ones Nivea do. I say this because the amount of times I have purchased a moisturiser and by the time I have put it on and rubbed it in, it then makes my skin look oily. All the ones from Nivea I have used have never done that. The current one I am using is the NIVEA Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer for dry skin.

3. Soap and Glory Peaches and clean Cleansing milk

This cleanser was one I bought after seeing a review on it on a YouTube channel and it is something I will continue to re-purchase. In the past, I have suffered with quite sensitive skin so anything which is strongly fragranced usually irritates my skin so I was a bit sceptical about, buying it but it is amazing. It comes in a pump bottle which I find really handy because there is no mess and it stands nicely in my shower basket. I use it in the shower with a muslin and it makes my face feel really smooth and soft. It has also stopped my frequent break outs too!- Always a bonus!

4. Palmolive Honey & Milk shower gel

I have used this product for years and years and is something I always turn to, especially in the winter when dry skin is at its worst because it not only smell amazing, it feels amazing on your skin. I remember one of my best friends Hannah from school first introducing it to me when we were at boarding school because I could always smell it when she was in the shower and I loved it. So thanks Han! 🙂

5. Soap & Glory Butter yourself body butter

This product is so nice! It smells good, it feels good on your skin and it doesn’t feel sticky either. Personally I’m not a fan of moisturising, it bores the hell out of me and I would definitely rather be doing something else but this sounds weird but I actually enjoy the chore of moisturising with this product – if you purchase it you will see what I mean trust me!



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