Hi my name is Carrie. I’m twenty-something years old and live in the beautiful county called Surrey, UK.

I currently live at home with my Nan and spend a lot of my time working, keeping fit and healthy at the gym and going out with friends and family.

I spent my school years at The Royal Masonic School for Girls which is an all girls boarding school in Hertfordshire. It was here that I grew up with a group of girls who have become lifetime friends and essentially sisters which I never had.

From there, I went on and gained a level 5 degree in childcare and worked in 2 different nurseries for about 2 years before discovering it wasn’t for me.

In December 2013 I applied for a job in an office working for a pensions company which to my surprise I got and have worked there ever since. It was here that I met my partner Ben and we have been together coming up 3 years. I am absolutely loving spending time with him and his family which also includes two beautiful dogs Lara and Skye which I am sure you will see a lot more of on my blog.

The reason for starting my own blog is because I am constantly finding myself reading through my friends blogs and blogs of those who are youtubers and was always saying I wanted to start-up my own but never knew where to start or what I wanted the theme to be. I want it to be somewhere I can put my thoughts and feelings down about different events happening in my life which I can share with everyone and can reflect back on later on in my life.

I hope you enjoy reading about the things I get up to..



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